Swardy at Secret Sky 2021
Very fun set design and chill, fun electronic music

Yvette Young at Secret Sky 2021
Wonderful, skillful acoustic guitar set!

conelrad — conelcast 063: Happy Computer
conelcast is a music podcast by conelrad releasing self-produced hour-long ambient tracks every other week! it's FREE!

Very melodic IDM track with interesting rhythmic structure, that is still yet very easy on your mind. From 2011.

Some sugary pop from 2014!

And now, for something completely different. I apologize beforehand.

An acoustic version. And all involved have extreme talent and skills it seems.

a certified hood clasic

Goddamn, Howard Jones why is your voice so amazing?

try not to cry

that guitar riff...

I'm curious how Funkwhale is handled by Lenny. They both work towards federation so some interaction would be nice.

Demolisher by Slaughter to Prevail is interesting in the fact that those are the deepest vocals I've ever heard from someone.

anything goes as long as it’s quality or interesting

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